SynXis Booking Engine (SBE) Support and Customization

Included in a hotel's use of the Preferred Travel Group Hotel Sponsored SBE, all hotels are provided the Booking Engine including the following customization features:

• Hotel logo in header with link to site
• Standardized Font (Arial) with customized color
• Customized button colors
• Hero image
• English language emails for confirmation, cancellation, and itinerary*
• Access to the BE Designer — the SBE includes the ability for hoteliers to make design changes using the BE Designer tool. In the BE Designer, you will have access to change many elements of the Booking Engine, including (but not limited to) colors and labels

Further customization examples include:
• Upload and apply custom fonts
• Upload and apply custom HTML
• Apply custom footer from hotel site
• Upload tracking

*Should PHR support be needed, or further customization desired, fees starting at $125/hr. would apply